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  • The Future of Law Lab
    Promoting, supporting, and developing programs
    that examine the evolution of the practice of law.

What is the Future of Law Lab?

The Future of Law Lab is a platform for students, academics, lawyers, and other professionals to participate in collaborative initiatives exploring how the law will evolve in the future. We will dive into the intersection of law, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with programing dedicated to each of these streams. As a hub of interdisciplinary activity, we are dedicated to bringing together individuals from all backgrounds to examine the changing face of the legal profession.

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Future Law Lab

What we do

The Lab sits at the intersection of law, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Through our activities, we explore the leading questions that are driving the trajectory of law and the legal profession:

  • How will technology change the legal profession and the way legal services are delivered?
  • What do entrepreneurs need to know about the law to set themselves up for success? 
  • How can we cultivate a spirit of innovation in law students today? 
  • How will the profession change amid new developments in law, policy, regulation, business models, delivery methods, partnerships, and global competition?

Through workshops, speaker series, courses, co-curricular opportunities, and more, the Future of Law Lab engages with and explores the bright ideas inherent in each of the main themes of the Lab.

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