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Organization Profile

Nestlé is a global food conglomerate founded in 1866 that has since grown to become the largest food and beverage company in the world. Nestlé controls over 2,000 brands, operates in 189 countries, and employs over 300,000 people. The company ranks on the Fortune Global 500 list and Nestlé Canada, in particular, has been named one of the “50 Best Large and Multinational Workplaces” in Canada.



The Future of Law Lab In-House Counsel Internship Program is an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure to the legal division of the Canadian operations of a multinational company and learn how in-house counsel balance legal objectives with the company’s business objectives.

Students have the opportunity to work as a critical member of the Nestlé Canada legal department, supervised by the General Counsel of Nestlé Canada. The legal department supports various lines of business and develops legal strategies for Canadian operations. While the student will likely be exposed to a multitude of areas, past interns have spent time focusing on employment law, competition law, intellectual property law, marketing, and privacy law.

Student Profiles


Name: Bella Soblirova


Year: J.D./MBA Candidate 2023


Future of Law Lab Position: Nestlé Canada In-House Counsel 




How did you first become interested in tech, innovation, and the evolution of the legal profession? I first became interested in tech, innovation and the evolution of the legal profession prior to law school when I worked at Blue J, a legal technology company that uses artificial intelligence to predict legal outcomes in challenging areas of Canadian and U.S. law. My role gave me an opportunity to witness firsthand the capabilities and benefits of legal innovation. I greatly enjoyed working at Blue J, and learned a lot about how legal technology will likely affect the legal profession in the future. This experience made me curious to explore legal innovation further at law school, and led me to the Future of Law Lab. 


How has the Future of Law Lab helped you to pursue your interests? The Future of Law Lab helped me to pursue my interests in legal innovation and the evolution of the legal profession in a multitude of ways. One of the workshops that was hosted by the Lab allowed me to explore creative legal problem-solving through a memorable and fun team exercise. Most recently, the Future of Law Lab partnered with Nestlé Canada and gave me an opportunity to work with Nestlé’s In-House Counsel team as a summer intern. At Nestlé, I participated in implementing legal technology and developing innovative solutions to legal operational problems.  


How have you found your work experience with Nestlé as part of the Future of Law In-House Counsel Internship? I had an incredible work experience with Nestlé as part of the Future of Law In-House Counsel Internship, and would highly recommend it to any student interested in having in-house experience. The Nestlé team was very welcoming and supportive of my ideas and interests, while providing diligent guidance and allowing me to directly interact with business partners. I was trusted with challenging substantive work early on in the internship, which enabled me to develop a variety of new skills and pick up new legal interests. I was grateful to have supervisory meetings with Josh on behalf of the Lab throughout the internship as they allowed me to reflect on my experiences and provide feedback for future interns.  


Do you have any suggestions/recommendations for students who are interested in this area and might want to get involved with the Future of Law Lab? Yes! I would suggest getting involved with the Lab as early as possible, since there are so many great events and opportunities. I would also tell students not to hesitate to reach out to me if they have any questions about the internship or the Future of Law Lab.