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Organization Profile

Sun Life is a Canadian international financial services company, founded over 150 years ago. The business started with the sale of insurance, primarily life insurance, and has expanded to offer wealth solutions, customized health programs, and asset management solutions to individual and Corporate clients. Sun Life is the largest insurance, wealth, and asset management organization in Canada, with over 42,000 employees and 141,000 advisors in 27 markets worldwide. Sun Life holds over $1.3 Trillion in assets under management and ranks on the Forbes Global 2000 list.


The Opportunity

Students have the opportunity to work as an essential component of Sun Life’s Legal Operations team. The legal department supports Sun Life’s operations in the health and wealth spaces, providing students with a robust experience supporting a variety of practice areas including corporate, litigation, and asset management. They may also have the opportunity to spend time in a corporate transactions role, as well as in the digital space.